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Axial Fans




The AX series of axial fans are designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial ventilation applications. The AX series range of axial fans are constructed in seven standard adjustable pitch impeller diameters comprising of 41 models with air volume ranging from 840cfm to 100,000cfm. The AX series are light and robust in construction with an efficient balance between electrical consumption and performance. The fans are engineered to a high standard and are suitable for a wide range of applications.


AB Axial Fan have been specially designed for installation within ducted ventilation systems where the fan is supported on both sides. The robust construction features enable the AB Axial Fans to be used for a wide variety of ducted ventilation applications including :

- General ventilation of commercial and industrial premises

- Warehouse and storage ventilation

- Garages and public buildings

- Special ventilation applications – smoke extract


The diameters available are from 310mm - 970mm and air volume performance ranges from 850 to 45,250cfm. However, bigger capacity is also available at customers request.



Motor's are totally-enclosed, non-ventilated squirrel cage induction type, which meets the latest British Standards (BS) and other International Standards. Standard motors are of class ‘F’ insulation and are suitable for operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C. Class ‘H’ insulation motors may be supplied upon request. Pad mounted motors are standard up to 3.7KW (5HP). Foot mounted motors are standard above 3.7KW. The standard voltage is 3P/415V/50Hz however, 1P/240V/50Hz motors are optional.D.O.L starting are standard up to 3KW and Star-Delta starting are standard for motors above 3KW.


The impellers are of airfoil shape and are of die-casted aluminium alloy for high durability and consistency in strength whilst eliminating unnecessary weight. The blade pitch angle shall be individually adjustable and the blade pitch angles varies from 8° to 32° in 4° steps.The fan hub is also of die-casted aluminium alloy for light weightness and high durability. For 960mm diameter fans, the impeller and hub are of high strength cast aluminium.


All compact cased axial fan features, cylindrical flanged casings manufactured from high graded rolled steel. The fan casing is of cold-rolled steel with welded flanges. Sizes available are as follows:

a.) Standard short casing (medium and long casing available at additional cost)

Hot Dipped Galvanized – for heavy duty usage and protection against rough conditions or weather. (is available at additional cost)

Standard coating, spray painting – for general purpose.

All model's are supplied with a pre-wired wiring junction box located on the outer side of the fan casing or on the motor for easy wiring access.